I enjoy fly fishing, cycling, and eating barbecue. Contact: jeffdenning (at) byu (dot) edu

An album of all of the fish I took pictures of in 2017 here.

I completed the Utah Cutthroat Slam twice in 2016. The Utah Cutthroat Slam requires that you catch the four native species of Cutthroat Trout of Utah in their native ranges and the majority of the proceeds go towards cutthroat trout restoration projects in UtahThe first time I completed the slam in one day on Sept 10, 2016. You can read about that day here. The second time I completed the slam over a few weeks (Oct 21 - Nov 5) you can see photos from that slam here

First Slam

Clockwise from top left: Bonneville Cutthroat (South Fork of the Provo River), Bear River Cutthroat (Mill Creek),  Yellowstone Cutthroat (Sawmill Canyon), and Colorado Cutthroat (East Fork of the Black's Fork).

Second Slam

Clockwise from top left: Bonneville Cutthroat (Diamond Fork), Bear River Cutthroat (East Fork of the Bear River), Yellowstone Cutthroat (Basin Creek), Colorado Cutthroat (West Fork of the Duchesne)
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