American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, May 2017, Volume 9, Number 2.
Journal of Human Resources, Winter 2017, Volume 52, Number 1. 

Working Papers
Revisions Resubmitted, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Available as IZA Discussion Paper no. 10997 

         Revisions Resubmitted, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics
        Available as NBER Working Paper 23860, Media Coverage: MarketWatch, Higher Education Today

"Cutting Through the Clutter: Experimental Evidence on Strategies to Increase Salience of Informational Interventions" Policy Brief with Kelli BirdBen Castleman, Kelly RosingerCait Lamberton

Works in Progress
"College Selectivity and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from the Texas Ten Percent Plan" with Sandra Black and Jesse Rothstein

"Where Do I Stand? The Impact of Class Rank on Later Life Outcomes" with Richard Murphy and Felix Weinhardt

"Why Have College Completion Rates Increased?" with Eric Eide and Merrill Warnick